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Hydrobiotic Milky Cleanser

Hydrobiotic Milky Cleanser


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The 1st cleanser that has anti-depressant properties and respects both the skin’s hydro-lipic film and cutaneous flora. Formulated for sensitive skin.
We clean our face an average number of 40 000 times in a lifetime. All the more reason to choose Novexpert Hydrobiotic Milky Cleanser. It does not contain harsh soap, is not drying and does not strip the skin of its own hydro-lipid layer and its own protective flora. With added magnesium, this milky cleanser soothes the immune and nervous system, and reduces skin inflammation.

FILM Restored (Natural omegas) + FLORA Preserved (Pre & Probiotics) + Sensitivity SOOTHED (Magnesium)

Hydro (glycerine + omega 3, 6 & 9)

  • Preserve skin barrier function and has exceptional hydrating properties due to its action on natural moisturising factors and lipid synthesis.
  • Maintains moisture and integrity of the cutaneous barrier

= Skin’s hydro-lipid film is preserved

Biotic: (pre & probiotics)

  • Respects the cutaneous flora (pre & pro biotic)
  • Limits pathogen bacteria by boosting good bacteria on the skin

= Skin’s flora health is improved

Suitable for normal to dry skin, and sensitive skin.

  • Description

    Product Description

    How to use:

    Apply with fingertips, massage into skin and rinse with water.

    EUROPEAN METHOD: Apply with a cotton pad and then remove with a second cotton pad soaked in water. Then spray water.

    MAKE-UP REMOVAL: If needed, use before the Cleanser, the Novexpert’s Micellar Water which removes make-up from lips, face and eyes.

    TRICK: leave the bottle upside down so that the cleansing milk is immediately available at the first push.

  • Additional information

    Additional Information

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  • Ingredients


    Vitamin E – Anti-free radicals
    Phytic acid – Anti-free radicals

    Vegetable glycerin (Moisturizing) – Moistening
    Sodium PCA + magnesium (moisturizer) – Moisturiser

    NUTRITION ACTION: Nutrition and reconstitution of hydro-lipidic film
    Sunflower oil (omega 6) – Nutrition & reconstitution of the hydro-lipic film
    Evening primrose oil (omega 6 and 9) – Nutrition & reconstitution of the hydro-lipic film

    PRO FLORA ACTION: Resident skin flora reinforcement and reduces pathogenic bacteria
    Prebiotic (oligosaccharide)
    – Strengthen the skin’s resident flora
    – Decreases pathogen bacteria
    Probiotic (lactobacillus)
    – Strengthen the skin’s resident flora
    – Decreases pathogen bacteria

    Aloe vera gel – Soothing
    Prebiotic (polysaccharide) – Soothes the cutaneous nervous system
    Magnesium – Soothing

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