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Expert Anti-Dark Circle Eye Contour

Expert Anti-Dark Circle Eye Contour

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Perfect for all skin types.

The Expert Anti-Dark Circle Eye Contour is a 2-in-1 coverage and triple action eye care. This product was specially formulated for the lower eyelids. Its pigmented shade fades during application.

Triple Action Care: 

1. Conceal – The micro-pigments blend into the skin for astonishing coverage and an ultra-natural finish.

2. Blood Circulation booster = biboba, bioflavonoid and chlorella visibly reduce dark circles and visibility of veins.

3. Anti-Age Effect – thicker skin – Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E procure effective anti-aging action.

Best suited for men and women from 25 years old who often work till late night, accumulated jet lag, thin-transparent eye contours and lack of blood circulation.

  • Description

    Product Description

    How to use: Apply one tiny drop of product to dark circles. Spread over the skin with fingertips, from the inner corner of the eye outwards. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to apply this product in the morning. For night time use, apply other Novexpert eye contour care product. Can be mixed with Expert Anti-Aging Eye Contour on your finger.

    Please note: This product is hypoallergenic and has been tested under dermatological control. However, if you have highly reactive skin, start by applying gradually once every other day. Frequency of use may be increased later. In some cases, a slight pulling sensation my be felt during application. This sensation is normal and is due to the product’s intense lifting action.

    For perfect product preservation:
    Close tightly after use. To preserve the properties of the Novexpert formula, with high concentrations of plant extracts and biotechnological agents, keep away from light, heat and humidity.

    Product Size: 15ml

  • Ingredients


    Novaxyline algae (patented):
    – Anti-inflammatory
    – Anti-free radicals
    – Genetic sirtuins stimulation
    Milk thistle extract: – Photoaging protection
    Broccoli extract: – Photoaging protection
    Hyaluronic acid: – Moisturizing + Skin smoothing
    Fragmented hyaluronic acid: – Deeply repulping

    Colored micro-pigments: – Light coverage
    Micronised clay: – Unifying
    Rice powder: – Clear coverage

    Bioflavonoids: – Stimulate blood micro-circulation
    Chlorella algae: – Anti-dilatation
    Gingko biloba extract: – Reduce the permeability of capillaries

    Green tea extract: – Anti-free radicals
    Vitamin E complex: – Anti-free radicals
    Pomegranate extract: – Anti-free radicals
    Rosemary extract: – Anti-free radicals

    Novaxyline algae (patented): – Stimulates collagens and hyaluronic acid

    Vegetal glycerin: – Moisturizing
    Aloe vera gel: – Soothing
    Evening primerose oil: – Nourishing

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