Did you know that Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for skin health? High amounts of Vitamin C is often found in citrus fruits that helps to form collagen and retains elasticity of our skin. It also acts as an anti-oxidant that protects us from the effects of the environmental pollution such as UV rays and smoke.

As we age (alongside other several factors), the levels of Vitamin C in the layers of both our dermis and epidermis would slowly decrease. Therefore, ensuring that we have adequate amounts of Vitamin C will help to maintain the structure on our skin as well as prevent skin problems.

1. Photoageing

Excessive exposure to the UV rays can cause damages to our skin cells and inflammatory reactions on our skin. Vitamin C helps to generate antioxidant activity and limit the damage induced by the UV rays. Studies have shown that Vitamin C can be used as a treatment to treat damaged skin caused by the sun.

2. Ageing

Wrinkles and fine lines are the most prominent signs of ageing. Vitamin C helps to regulate the synthesis of our skin’s collagen and its role is essential to maintain and support the epidermis. Vitamin C is also best used to tackle dark spots by slowing down the production of pigmentation.

3. Scars

Vitamin C levels around the scar area are usually low and it would slow down the healing process.   Therefore, sufficient Vitamin C is necessary to help the formation of collagen to speed up the recovery of the scar.

4. Dry skin

Research shows that there is a relation between the intake of vitamin C and the moisture level of the skin. Hence it is essential to feed your skin with a healthy dose of Vitamin C to prevent skin dryness, or disorders.

This is why Novexpert’s Vitamin C Serum is more than necessary and perfect to be added to your daily skincare routine. The Novexpert Vitamin C Serum is made with 100 times more Vitamin C than classic Vitamin C and 2 times more effective to combat melanin reduction and collagen synthesis. With its unique formulation, the Vitamin C Serum rejuvenates skin, reduces hyperpigmentation and boost our skin’s radiance.

 Le Sérum, your first depigmenting product that is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used all day, all year long and even around your eye contour. The Novexpert Le Sérum is formulated to correct skin complexions, smooth-out skin textures and giving your skin just the right amount of glow.

 So, if you have uneven skin tone, skin with freckles/pigmentation, spotty and having one scar or more, dull skin, or simply looking for a serum just for fun, this Le Sérum would just might be the answer to your prayers!

The Beta carotene (pro Vitamin A) makes the serum orange; Vitamin C is actually colorless!

Le sérum smooths out easily, non-sticky, non-greasy and absorbs quickly once you apply onto your skin. The orange extract ingredient in the bottle (bioflavonoid) stimulates blood micro-circulation makes the skin glow and less dull after applying it.

And the smell, you’d ask, smells tangerine-ly fresh. Smells yummy and love it on the skin!

After applying the serum, it is recommended that you wait 5 minutes for the ingredients to be fully absorb into your skin and a slight pulling sensation may be felt for those with thinner, sagging skin. The pulling sensation is normal because of the serum’s lifting action.

The Novexpert Vitamin C serum is created by Dr. Daniel Colleta and is one of three products of the Expert Radiance Programme. You may use the Serum individually or opt for the whole range for a complete, smooth and radiant skin!

Au Revoir Beau!

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