Novexpert, French for “new expert” has hit the shores of Malaysia. Formulated to target the visible signs of ageing skin, the Novexpert “Doctor Line” helps to retain and refresh your youthful veneer.

The 100% natural, green chemistry brand was developed by Laboratoires Novexpert, founded in 1998, and was a culmination of two entrepreneurial families with experience in the beauty and retail industry. They are the Sirop family (owner of the well-known Thalgo group) and the Telinge family (previously of fashion house Cyrillus).

Prior to launching its own brand, Laboratoires Novexpert formulates and manufactures for large cosmetic and pharmaceutical groups, and luxury and organic brands across the globe.

A winner of 11 awards since its launch in 2008, Novexpert introduced a more advanced and effective “doctor line” skincare in 2012. The team behind this line comprises French doctors who are former scientific directors from different pharmaceutical and cosmetic groups, and experts in dermatology, biology and herbal medicine.

The result is 100% Cosmeceutical formulations that deliver 100% Cosmeceutical effects – an instantaneous healthy glow effect within 5 seconds, an immediate lifting effect within five minutes and a durable anti-fine lines effect lasting five weeks.

The formulations also set a new standard by being uniquely 0% chemical preservatives, essential oils, propylene glycol and being 100% natural, biodegradable and hypoallergenic.


Thanks to the development of “green chemistry”, Novexpert scientists were able to find a way to protect its skincare products from contamination and yet not destroy the flora on the skin. The preservation system uses a patented protected specific gel that traps water in a gel, thus inhibiting bacteria in the cream, as the bacteria cannot survive in an environment without water. This system preserves the bacteria flora on the skin.

All formulations from the Novexpert Doctor line are of 100% natural origin (such as plant extracts) and made from enzymes by biotechnology processes, which are edible and biodegradable. This innovative brand combines ultra effectiveness and high tolerance with safety and is compatible for all types of skin, including the most sensitive ones, and can be used by both men and women.


One of the key ingredients used in Novexpert’s product is its patented anti-ageing ingredient, Novaxyline. This 100% natural complex consists of an algae extract that is combined with a sugar created by the process of bio-fermentation. Found in the offshore of Brittany, the algae is regularly left exposed during low tide and has therefore developed a protective system to fight against a variety of stress factors such as salt, heat, UV light and dehydration. This “protection mechanism” has proven to be an exceptional “cellular guardian” for the skin. 

Novexpert’s Novaxyline fights signs of cutaneous ageing with three major properties:  

  • 70% reduction of cellular oxidation (the main cause of age-ing)
  • 20% increase in cell longevity
  • DNA production which reduces cell ageing by 52%

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